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Hollywood Screenplay
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May 10, 2011


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Hollywood Script Express

Script submission and intellectual property registration service that lets you upload your script and have it professionally printed, bound and shipped from one of our Los Angeles Printing Partners the same day.

Movie Outline Software

Professional Scriptwriting Software for simple story planning, industry standard screenplay formatting, character development and simultaneous reference to successful Hollywood movies.

Free Movies Online

Come and watch the latest movies online for free with moviemedias. Have unlimited fun enjoying live TV channels and sports from around the globe.

General Resources

American Screenwriters Association--(A US non-profit organization committed to the support and advancement of all screenwriters. Contains a wealth of links and on-board resources.)

Box Office Guru--(Stats, reviews, and archival info about the moviebiz. A quick way for a writer to stay current.)

Creative Screenwriting--(Magazine online. Wealth of articles and interviews, some of which require purchasing back issues of the mag.)

Done Deal--(Great biznews site. Who has inked what with whom, under what terms. Gossip rules.)

Drew's Script-O-Rama--(Download that script you've been meaning to read--free.)

Fade to Script--Resource center and networking venue to help connect writers with filmmakers seeking scripts. Writers can list their work for sale in the Classifieds section.

Famous Last Words--Quotable quotes on Writing, Hollywood and television.

Fiction Writer's Character Chart--(from The Eclectic Writer website)

Final Draft script software free reader-- free download of Final Draft reader in both PC and Macintosh versions.

General Writing Resources--Sites offering resources for writers working in every field from novels to screenplays.

Hollywood Scriptwriter--(Trade paper for screenwriters, both free and pay memberships)

Hollywood Network--(Just Everything. Lots of ad-verts, but smorgasbordish.)

James Russell Publishing--Publishes "Screen and Stage Marketing Secrets," an extremely useful resource for those of you who are shopping your screenplays, 177pp, $34.95 + $4.00 S&H (U.S.$). Also writer resource links, sample author query letter and advice for authors and screenwriters.

Muse of Fire--(Alex Epstein's site. Vies for supremacy with the Wordplay site. Superb online book "Crafty Screenwriting" with tons of practical, useful advice.)

News--Get industry news, interviews and info online.

Mr. Cranky Rates the Movies --The Title Says It All. For those days when you're feeling down on the whole world.

Oracle of Bacon at Virginia--(You've heard of "six degrees of Kevin Bacon?" College students in Va. have databased this one to death. Try it. Good for a chuckle a day.)

Pilot Search--(Literary Search Engine. Specific to writers' needs. Also will add your site.)

Press Room--Articles and interviews on all aspects of indie filmmaking.

Screen Chat--Links to discussion lists, writing groups and magazines.

Screen Talk--(SCREENTALK is THE International Voice of Screenwriting. No other screenwriting magazine can say it is written by and about international authorities. Interviews. Tips on writing good scripts. Columns by professional screenwriters. Screenplay reviews from a writer's POV, and much more. Also in glossy printmag form.)

Screenwriters Links Like Us

Screenwriters-Playwrights Page

Screenwriter's Utopia--(Site hosted by Christopher Wehner containing articles, resources, and a number of products. Advert heavy, but not annoyingly so.)

Screenwriting--Comprehensive directory of resource links on screenwriting covering topics like tips and tricks to help improve your writing, software reviews, agent lists, produced screenplays from Hollywood movies, search engines, sitcom and television writing, research and reference tools available online, etc.

Screenwriting Articles--Sites featuring articles on screenwriting. free copies of produced screenplays to study.

Scriptwriter's Network--(L.A. based site with lots of resources including screenwriting competition).

Surf The Web -- Check out these cool sites just for fun: The Onion, Shakespeare Insults and Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre on the Air.

Television -- International resources covering everything from writing to production.

The Film Maker's Home Pages (Writing)

The Nine-Act Structure Home Page

Women's Screenwriting Resources--Writing resources for and by women.

Wordplay--(Arguably the best screenwriters' site on the Inet. If you go nowhere else, go here.)

World Film--Resources for writers living outside North America.

WGA (East)--(Online script registration. Thorough and efficient. Less than twenty minutes to register your screenplay--and NO postage.)

WGA (West)

WGA Writer's Research Links

Writer's Search Index--Search engine to find documents that relate to the craft of writing.

Canadian Resources

Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television--The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television is a national non-profit professional association that was created in 1979 to serve the Canadian film and television industry. Representing all aspects of the film and television industries, the Academy is unique. It has grown to become the largest professional association of its kind in Canada with over 3,000 members.

Artworld City--Huge link directory of Canadian video, film and television resource websites including contact info and phone numbers where available. If you only want to book mark one reference page, this is it.

Black Film & Video Network--The only association for Black filmmakers, performers and writers in Canada.

Canadian Actor Online Screenwriter & Playwright Resources--(A wealth of diverse links, many of which are not found easily elsewhere.)

Canadian Film and Television Producers Association (CFTPA)--(Includes info for producers, and T.E.D "(The Education Directory") a great resource for learners and professionals in the film and television industry.)

Canadian Film Centre

Canadian Oui?--Canadian arts and entertainment resources. Check out their Canadian Screenwriting section.

CBC English Television Independent Production--(Interesting site for writers wanting to know what CBC is producing with independent producers, how, and when.)

DV Café--Canada's online guide to the digital filmmaking revolution.

Made in Canada--Canadian film and television resources.

Screen Trade Canada--(A project of the National Screen Institute, Screen Trade Canada features an extensive database of information about Canadian films, TV shows, producers, writers, directors, actors, and production companies, as well as "magazine" pages with Canadian entertainment news.)

Toronto Film and Video Forum--Recource center for the Toronto Indie Film Scene. Check out the bulletin board or join the mailing list by sending a blank email to:

Women in Film and Television Toronto

WGC (Toronto)

The Write Company--Offers an array of services to screenwriters, from script consultation, editing, rewrites and polishing to E-Zine and online publishing. Run by professionals who also have extensive knowledge of the Canadian film and television business.



Hollywood Screenplay
Formatting Made Easy
Hot off the press.
Second Edition!






Order the book!

New features:

Twice the size. Examples, examples! What to do -- what not to do.

Definitions, acronyms explained.

Format for those who have a program, settings for those who don't.

Money-back guarantee. Perpetual e-mail support.
Your specific questions answered by e-mail.

Do all your own formatting ...without buying expensive .
Get started in less than ...twenty minutes.

Clear, step-by-step ...instructions.
• Learn how to register your |
.FAST with the ...Writers ...Guild ..of ...America.BY EMAIL!~~




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