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Q-I am graduating in a few weeks with a B.A. in creative writing (most of my time has been focused on screen writing) and am in the process of producing a short film I wrote and directed on digital Video. I am interested in film school, but am wary of the amount of money I'll need to spend. With a short film on my resume and a good screenplay to show, how likely am I to get, and how do I go about getting, an agent?

A-No one can really say how likely you are to get an agent. There are too many variables.I'll try to give you some insight that could help you in managing your career.

First, understand that there are a number of avenues to explore in furthering your career.Getting an agent is only one of those avenues -- and it is not the first priority in your case.

Second, don't go to "film school." That will only delay your progress and divert your energy.

Third, move to L.A. unless your personal situation absolutely prevents it. Any effort you make toward your career is accelerated if you're living where your industry is centered.

Fourth, one good screenplay is not enough to go seeking an agent with. You need at least two or three.

Fifth, your short film is useful if it's extraordinarily good, and has won awards. If not, talk about it, but don't show it to anyone.

Last, let me say that you are in an enviable position. You have a post- secondary degree. You have shown the tenacity to complete a screenplay, you are producing material you have written, and you
appear to be literate and intelligent.

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Analyze your current script and see whether or not the structure of the story is the best that it can be. If not, rewrite it. Then have it read by a professional.

I provide a Writer's Coach service, but I'm not pushing it. Only you can decide whether you need and can benefit from such a service. There are many good professionals available, most of whom you can find on the web. Then choose for yourself. Being coached by
a knowledgeable, successful writer will put you on the fast track to making your script really "good." -- BP




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